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By Nesha 2020-05-27

?This dress is amazing! Iu2019ve gotten the best compliments. The material is great!?

By Akira 2020-05-26

this fit me at my normal medium! Such a wonderful dress!!!

By Nakita 2020-05-20

I liked a lot. I ordered an S and it is just my size?

By Passion 2020-05-18

made me feel so comfortable as well as pretty.

By Eugenia 2020-05-17

Dress was a perfect fit and the color really popped.

By Harrell 2020-05-15

I love how this dress hugs my curves, once again Iu2019m very satisfied

By Nesi 2020-05-14

And my husband loves it on me as well lol

By Taw 2020-05-11

Absolutely love this dress. Wore this for my wedding rehearsal and I felt beautiful and got compliments all night.

By Preciouss 2020-05-10

I'm very happy with this purchase. The fit of the dress feels good?

By YKevia 2020-05-08

It is super comfortable and made of good quality material.This dress is just so cute and it fits perfectly.