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By Leslie 2020-01-06

Just got it yesterday, but the fit was absolutely perfect.

By Eunice 2020-01-06

This is so much better than regular shape wear or cheap corsets.

By Claudio 2020-01-06

I just got my waist trainer today and it fit perfectly.

By Gabrielle 2020-01-06

Love this! Highly recommend! Great for during work out and post work out. Helps me a lot with posture while driving also.

By Ali 2020-01-06

I was a little skeptical when ordering.

By Jenna 2020-01-06

This waist trainer is very good.

By Brandon 2020-01-06

Great Corset! I really like it for crafting! It keeps my posture without being uncomfortable. The waist trainer keeps its shape while I sit hours on end sewing cosplays.

By Penny 2020-01-06

I Loveeeee this waist trainer.

By Denis 2020-01-06

The quality is better than i expected it to be.

By Brenda 2020-01-06

A great product as a cincher.