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By Christy 2019-10-08

This is a perfect size, color and design for my big birthday. I love it! The delivery service is also fast.

By Debbie 2019-10-08

This is super soft and comfy, and I LOVE the color.

By Will 2019-10-08

This teddy is very well made and comfortable.

By Serena 2019-10-08

This teddy if form fitting and incredibly flattering! Well worth the money spent

By Otto 2019-10-08

Loved this so much, it's comfortable and fit really well! I used it for a boudoir shoot and it was perfect!

By Tatyana 2019-10-08

Looked great and fit so well as expected.

By Jonas 2019-10-08

I found Avidlove Lingerie, purchased several items from them, and am happy with everything I've purchased! This Teddy is very, very soft and easy to put on and take off.

By Demi 2019-10-08

This is exactly what I wanted! It's soft, sexy

By Marie 2019-10-08

Great product, you should get it! OMG the color, fit and quality is spot on.

By Roberto 2019-10-08

Its comfortable and fits great!