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By Shayla 2020-01-10

First impression is I love it! Great quality, Great fit, Very pretty coat

By Geraldine 2020-01-08

The jacket feel good itu2019s not to hot and it fit well

By Kristee 2020-01-07

Awesome jacket. Fits perfectly

By Danielle 2020-01-06

I completely and utterly love it! It fits beautifully

By Lawanda 2019-12-13

I was a little curious about this jacket... But I love it.

By Kenyetta 2019-12-12

This will be my new go to coat on weekends for the colder months! It's so pretty!!

By Krivjanick 2019-12-06

So comfortable, in love with this top! No complaints

By Shawana 2019-12-04

Absolutely adore this jacket, got so many compliments.

By margarita 2019-12-03

I was super happy with this purchase. Good quality and fits nice

By Wendi 2019-12-02

Great!!!! Very Happy with sale & seller. coat is in pretty good condition.