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By Patricia 2020-03-19

Great fabric & fit. Really cute dress

By Brenda 2020-03-18


By Carsia 2020-03-16

Cute dresssuitable sizequite nice quality Thanks

By chris 2020-03-15

Super comfortable and decent quality fabric.

By Cherie 2020-03-09

This dress is so comfortable, I got a ton of compliments!

By Latoya 2020-03-09

I absolutely LOVE this dress. This may be my favorite. Iu2019m 5u20197 185 and itu2019s the perfect length. The quality is amazing and the material is awesome! Canu2019t believe the price!

By Brazil 2020-03-02

I've gotten lots of compliments!

By hill 2020-03-01

I love love love this dress! I have never ordered clothing online before. because I was scared it wouldn't fit. But this dress fit perfect and made me feel pretty!?

By Corde 2020-02-28

Highly recommend

By Seaborn 2020-02-27

perfect I love this dress