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By Morris 2019-12-05

Take a good look at this wig. it's AMAZING. It is SO SO SOFT.

By Alvarez 2019-12-05

Love the wig. This was my very first wig ever. Great length, comfy, and looks very natural. I've been receiving so many compliments thinking this was my hair

By Marianne 2019-12-05

Absolutely love this wig!!!!

By Erika 2019-12-05

Loved it! Wore it and got so many compliments!

By Marianne 2019-12-05

Love the color of this wig, very realistic, and high quality realistic feeling hair.

By Eric 2019-12-05

I absolutely love this wig! This is the perfect length. I love this wig and I highly recommend it.Absolutely worth every penny!

By Leila 2019-12-05

This wig was perfect for me! It far exceeded my wxpectation of quality. It felt like real hair and was confortable to wear. I absolutely recommend.

By Juntira 2019-12-05

I was so pleasantly surprised by how soft, and realistic this synthetic wig was. Words cant even describe how excited I got just touching it and see its movement before even putting it on. I would 100% recommend this product, especially for the price.

By nAleah 2019-12-05

Wow! This is an amazing wig. I bought it for my mom and she loved it!

By nJacqueline 2019-12-05

Love it. Fits perfect and gave me a whole new look.