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By Brooke 2020-03-30

Great quality perfect fit ... felt 25-30 days was too long waiting though

By Vivian 2020-03-29

As written earlier gorgeous dress!!! attentive and responsible seller. I recommend!

By Tackees 2020-03-19

fits perfect. Super comfy and style is fashion

By Nakia 2020-03-18

The dress is beautiful and pleasant to the body good stretches 46 took on a size l was a little loose in general the size in size you can take

By Monica 2020-03-16

Great Quality. A must buy!

By Lokisha 2020-03-15

The product is so nice this is fit to me

By Sandra 2020-03-09

Love this dress! Super cute and comfy! Light weight which will be perfect for the summer

By Jermeisha 2020-03-09

Itu2019s gorgeous. Fits perfectly for my small height. It will also look great with heel. Material feels great, it is comfortable, and flowy. The fabric is breathable.

By Cardenas 2020-03-02

Love it true to size :)

By Rozier 2020-03-01

I love this dress