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By Atianna 2019-11-18

I love it, it's kinda hard to find cute bodysuits so I was happy to find this.The material is super soft and comfortable. completely worth the purchase.

By Aniyah 2019-11-17

LOVE LOVE LOVE this jumpsuit! It fits so well, super flattering&great for any occasion.

By Tia 2019-11-16

OMG I love this jumpsuit! I wore it in Miami and got so many compliments! The material is soft! it falls right at the bottom of my calf and looks great with cute flip flops

By Keyvonia 2019-11-15

I loved the picture of this in the ad.I love the fit.If you have to go to the bathroom allow plenty of time. Have to take it off! looks great...very flattering!

By Dijiona 2019-11-15

This outfit is so adorable! Itu2019s super comfy and fits perfect! Love it! I did wear a tank underneath cause the side wasnu2019t super tight but itu2019s still very cute!