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By Teresa 2019-11-13

The wig arrived just as picture. It was soft and shiny as well as straight.

By Zoe 2019-11-13

Wow. This wig is beyond worth the money. Super face shipping

By Nancy 2019-11-13

The texture is great, and it's not too thick or too thin. It's the perfect amount.

By Summer 2019-11-13

This wig was very reasonably priced and of good quality.?

By Rachael 2019-11-13

You won't regret it

By Tori 2019-11-13

?I absolutely love this wig. Feels and looks real. So happy with this purchase.

By Liza 2019-11-13

I was so pleasantly surprised by how soft, and realistic this synthetic wig was. Words can't even describe how excited I got just touching it and see it's movement before even putting it on.

By Tara 2019-11-13

I am loving this beautiful synthetic wig.

By Kimberley 2019-11-13

Man do I love this wig. It look so good. It's really light and beautiful looking. most people mistake it for being my real hair. Good product, definitely worth it.

By Felice 2019-11-12

This wig is one of the best I have purchased online. There was minimal shedding, and it's quite comfortable for long time wear. It's also one of the most realistic looking wigs I have