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Presale Lovely Stylish Sunflower Print Yellow Girl Two-piece Pants Set
  • Price:   USD 11.49   USD 17.15 -33%
  • Size:
  • Bust(cm):77cm, Waist(cm):38.5cm, Hip(cm):46cm, Pants Length(cm):40cm, Top Length(cm):18.9cm,
    Bust(cm):80cm, Waist(cm):40cm, Hip(cm):48cm, Pants Length(cm):43cm, Top Length(cm):20cm,
    Bust(cm):83cm, Waist(cm):41.5cm, Hip(cm):50cm, Pants Length(cm):46cm, Top Length(cm):21.2cm,
    Bust(cm):76cm, Waist(cm):43cm, Hip(cm):52cm, Pants Length(cm):49cm, Top Length(cm):22.3cm,
    Bust(cm):89cm, Waist(cm):44.5cm, Hip(cm):54cm, Pants Length(cm):52cm, Top Length(cm):23.5cm,
    Bust(cm):92cm, Waist(cm):46cm, Hip(cm):56cm, Pants Length(cm):55cm, Top Length(cm):24.6cm,
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  • Item Code: LZ20042744033
  • Brand: LovelyWholesale
  • Material:  Polyester
  • Style:  Casual
  • Pattern Type:  Solid
  • Sleeve Style:  Off The Shoulder
  • Element:  Pullovers
  • Fit Type:  Regular
  • Clothing Length:  Regular
  • Sleeve Length:  Sleeveless
  • Suit Type:  Two-pieces
  • Elastic:  NO(Nonelastic)
  • Bust(cm):  4-5Y(110CM):76cm 6-7Y(120CM):89cm 8-9Y(130CM):92cm 1-2Y(80CM):77cm 2-3Y(90CM):80cm 3-4Y(100CM):83cm
  • Waist(cm):  4-5Y(110CM):43cm 6-7Y(120CM):44.5cm 8-9Y(130CM):46cm 1-2Y(80CM):38.5cm 2-3Y(90CM):40cm 3-4Y(100CM):41.5cm
  • Hip(cm):  4-5Y(110CM):52cm 6-7Y(120CM):54cm 8-9Y(130CM):56cm 1-2Y(80CM):46cm 2-3Y(90CM):48cm 3-4Y(100CM):50cm
  • Pants Length(cm):  4-5Y(110CM):49cm 6-7Y(120CM):52cm 8-9Y(130CM):55cm 1-2Y(80CM):40cm 2-3Y(90CM):43cm 3-4Y(100CM):46cm
  • Top Length(cm):  4-5Y(110CM):22.3cm 6-7Y(120CM):23.5cm 8-9Y(130CM):24.6cm 1-2Y(80CM):18.9cm 2-3Y(90CM):20cm 3-4Y(100CM):21.2cm
  • Weight:  200g